Find all corrections related to Sew Daily and Stitch here.

Correction: Page 96 Summer 2014

Download Now Hello: Please see the attached PDF for the missing page 96 from our Summer 2014 issue. Page 89 was printed twice in the issue. The attached page 96 replaces the second printed page 89 directly after page 95. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Download Now

Correction: Spring Time Circle Trivet SPRING 2014

Please note the following correction. Step 7 should read as follows : Step 7. Position the Circle [ B ] template on top of the Main fabric side of a circle. Using a fabric-safe marker, draw a line 3 1/2″ long, that is centered and 1/4″ away from the right straight edge of the Circle.

Correction: Electric Harlequin Tote SPRING 2014

Please note the following correction:  Step 11.5 (between steps 11 and 12, in the PIECE THE FRONT AND BACK section): Press the two panels with a hot steam iron so they lay flat. Use a seam ripper to remove all the basting stitches. NOTE: Do not cut the basting stitches; pull them out one by one. You…

Pomme Potholder Correction: Spring 2013

For the Pomme Potholders, please note the following correction: Replace Step 16 with the following:  CREATE THE STEM Step 16. Fold and press the Stem lengthwise, wrong sides together. Press ¼" under the edges opposite the fold, then edgestitch. Fold the Stem in half widthwise.

Correction: Fall 2011- Kimono Baby Swaddle by Theresa Gonzalez (pg.84)

For the "Kimono Baby Swaddle" by Theresa Gonzalez in Stitch Fall 2011, please note the following corrections to the instructions: On the Main Body Piece of the template, it should note:     Cut 1 Fabric A Reversed     Cut 1 Fabric B   Instruction changes (capitalized) are as follows: Notes: PLEASE FOLLOW APPROPRIATE GUIDELINES FOR SWADDLING. SNAPS MAY BE USED…

Correction: Marina the Mermaid Doll

Download Now Corrected Pattern: The original download did not have the right size for the tail. This file contains pattern pieces only. Project instructions are in Stitch magazine's Summer 2013 issue. This huggable, salty doll fits perfectly into a little girl's arms. Download Now